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Neuenhauser 3 Fraction Track Star Screen

Neuenhauser 3 Fraction Track Star Screen


The Neuenhauser 3 Fraction StarScreen provides superior screening in the recycle industry.  Designed to run directly after a grinder to produce a fines product ( topsoil), finished mulch and oversize for regrind.  The screening efficiency reduces regrind costs by removing all fines and finshed mulch leaving only a small percentage of oversize. Neuenhauser Starscreen is designed and built specifically for topsoil, recycling, wood chippings, mulch and compost applications.

How does it work?

Star are mounted on multiple parallel shafts to form a star bed.  As the shafts rotate, the materials is agitated with the finer particles dropping down between the stars and the larer oversize material traveling / floating over the top. 


  • Quick set up time typically under 15 minutes
  • High production capacity
  • Easily accessible engine
  • Easy access Hydraulics
  • Feed regulating auger
  • Modular decks
  • Quick release on hydraulics
  • Turbo 11 air cooler
  • Reversible radiator fan
  • Programmable PLC control system
  • Large stockpiling capacity
  • Low feed-in height
  • One piece collection conveyor
  • Hydraulic folding conveyors
  • Remote control angle adjustable radial conveyor
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick set-up time


  • Remote control tipping grid 4”
  • Vibrating Grid
  • Wind shifter
  • Track or Wheel
  • Variable size stars


Weight 53,000lbs
Transport length 44’ 9”
Transport width 9' 5"
Transport height 12' 1"
Working length 52’ 5”
Working width 35' 2"
Working height 14' 4"
Fines Deck 22' 6" x 4’ 1”
Midsize Deck 12' x 4’ 1”
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